Our Mission

The Lotus Flower Giving Society’s mission is to support finding a treatment and cure for the heterogeneous group of cancers known as sarcoma, which typically affects children and young adults. We also aim to support patients fighting this rare and unique disease who live in or are seeking treatment in Western New York.

There is significant meaning behind this name. Jake chose it purposefully just as he and his wife Lorrina chose their daughter’s name: Nalina. Her name is of Indian origin and means lotus. Like the lotus in the mud, out of darkness comes light. Jake adored his daughter and truly felt she was the light he and Lorrina needed as his 10-year anniversary of fighting cancer loomed over them. Nalina continues to be our family’s light and Lorrina’s “why.” She is a constant reminder of taking it “day by day” and “strength fights cancer” — both of which were Jake’s taglines — as all of us Team Madonia members know so well.

The Madonia Family in September 2017